St. George United Methodist ChurchThe Saint George Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1879 in Saint George, Kansas. It was built of native stone which was quarried across the Kansas River and was pulled on sleds from the site. The land for the church was transferred from the National Land Company for a fee of $5.00 on May 23, 1879. However, the cornerstone for the church already had been laid on April 18, 1879, with E.H. Gill of Manhattan, Kansas officiating.

The Church was dedicated debt-free on August 29, 1880. The March 1880 Kansas Conference Minutes listed the fulltime church membership at 75 with a building value of $1,400.00.

In 1912, Reverend J.L. Thompson from the Mt. Zion United Brethren Church north of Saint George started holding services in the building. The United Brethren Church held services in Saint George for several years. In 1926 the church building was used as a trade with the Methodist Episcopal and United Brethren and on April 26, 1931 is was dedicated as the Saint George Mission Church.

In 1966 a major remodeling of the church was completed. The sanctuary was increased in size and three crosses were received as a gift from the College Avenue EUB Church of Manhattan, Kansas.

In 1971, the church purchased adjacent land for a new fellowship hall.

In May, 1979, the church was featured in the movie “Finding the Way Forward”.

At present we have a membership of nearly 100 people and are excited to have visitors. Please contact Pastor Leslye at 785-494-2314 or email pastorleslye@sbcglobal.net for more information.


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